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 The cancellation of the Racing Series by Crews VS

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PostSubject: The cancellation of the Racing Series by Crews VS   Thu Jun 27, 2013 12:35 pm

We have had bad news from Crews Vs this week regarding the racing series for Sky TV.

Here is what they have put on Facebook:

Hi All,

Season 3 will not be going ahead in the UK as the show is now being moved to the USA later this year.

We are hoping that after a few years in the States we will be able to return to the UK’s thriving Modified Car Scene.
Sadly this means the Racing Series will also not be going ahead as this will be moving with the TV Show over to the US

Kind Regards

CrewsVs Management

So looks like no go for this year! We are thinking however that we should still have Team TCZ and get times within the club if people are up for it.

There is nothing unfortunately we can do about this, but im sure something great will turn up to replace it and we always have a few cards in our sleeves!

Thanks guys and girls

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The cancellation of the Racing Series by Crews VS
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